"If you’re not scared then you’re not taking a chance. If you’re not taking a chance then what the hell are you doing anyway?"
Ted Mosby (via inspiring-culture-quotes)

Funny pictures of the day (96 pics) I Think The Word They’re Looking For Is ‘aquarium’

Hoes are taking this shit to new levels. 
"Different is good. Where I come from, the highest compliment they can offer a person, is to say that they’re ‘down to Earth’, grounded. I hate it…it drives me nuts."

Johnny Depp (The Tourist)

A strong line that in the movie that I strongly agree with. I’ll choose the extraordinary person, every time.

Problem with people today is they worry too much about fitting in and have lost the glory in standing up for something even if they gotta be loud about it. What’s the good in blending in all the time and turning down the opportunity to shine instead.

Motivation, Success, Greatness. -Will Smith - YouTube


More Hilarious Gifs
If you enjoy playing at the casino tables as I do then you most likely know that every dealer has a good tale or two of a memorable deal they’ve done. 
The story a blackjack dealer told me today was when he was dealing a table w/ only one player who was playing two hands at the time. A young, drunk guy joins the table, bets a $100 and is showing a 14, while the two-hand player is dealt 18 and 19 w/ $2000 bets on each hand. The dealer is showing 6 [and for those who don’t know, dealer showing 6 is statistically the best odds he will bust and most beneficial potential for the players, assuming his face-down card is a 10]. 
In a scenario like this I wouldn’t even play the hand in courtesy to the substantial amount betted by the other guy, but this kid played it anyway and asks for a card w/ a 14 [even more inconsiderate of him to hit unnecessarily]. The dealer looks at the big better and says “I have to give him a card if he seriously wants it,” and the guy replies, “I know don’t hit yet let me talk to him.” The guy tells the kid “look ill give you the $100 if you dont take a card.” But the bastard says “NAH” and hits anyway. 
The dealer flips up a 10 alongside his 6, and wouldn’t ya know, his next card is a 5….The dealer says “I’m so sorry man I wasn’t in favor of that” but the guy stops him and says “no no its not your fault, here’s my chips.” He gives the dealer his chips, a lost sum of $4000, walks around the table, yanks the kid off the chair and hands him the beatdown of his lifetime. When security comes they justifyingly kicked out only the drunk/inconsiderate/assanine, douchebag $100 gambler.  This is a cardplayer’s worst nightmare, such a heinous casino act it seems impossible such a gambler would exist, and someone who I’d also label a thief for robbing the poor guy indirectly like that. Story blew my mind….

On the absence of light

Photos like these haunt me as I sit in a coffeeshop with my book, as I dgaf wut the prof thinks in lecture, ‘how is it that I sit here so many days of my life and have yet to see so much that I plan to’. These seemingly perfect photos are depressing but if anything they always tell me to stop daydreaming and focus on the moment at hand, cause it’s the only road leading me out to see the world someday
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